cv19memorial is a digital and transnational space to share experiences of loss during COVID-19. In a time marked by physical distance, we’re exploring ways of expressing pain through personal testimony. We invite you to add words, photos, mementos on grief and witness others’ contributions. Our team recognizes that this crisis does not affect all equally and is made worse for many through systemic inequality. We hope you will trust our commitment to representing your stories.

Our Values

Access to the means to mourn while physically distant
Representation of the stories behind the statistics
Transnationalism and solidarity during a shared trauma
Collectivity of healing through transcultural observance
Honesty in the portrayal of a crisis that has unequally impacted people
Justice for the deceased and their families

Who We Are

We are a team of activists, artists, designers and researchers committed to human rights defense and with ample experience in the development of memorials, participatory processes and interactive platforms. We live in Mexico, the UK, Canada and the USA. We are also people like you, deeply affected and grieving during the COVID-19 crisis who care about telling this story.

Jorge Andrade - Phoebe Bachman - Zoe Bachman - Sergio Beltrán-García - Leigh Brown
Jacob Ford - Tamara Jamil - Mark Nieto - Tim Nottage - Will Qian - Azalea Vaseghi

Community Advisory Board

The cv19memorial Community Advisory Board is a transnational group of people who have submitted testimony to the memorial and wanted to become further involved. Our first group of advisors are those who submitted testimonies in the first phase and were invited to participate on a voluntary basis. The group advises the memorial, informing decisions in the realms of platform design, communications, etc. Exact board roles and terms are currently in formation.

Information about individual Community Advisory Board members and further ways to get involved are coming soon.


We are invested in growing a community of human rights defenders, activists, media partners, initiatives and artists, among many others, to amplify and strengthen cv19memorial’s mission. If you are interested in joining our effort to provide a space for collective mourning & witnessing of testimonies, please reach out at info@cv19memorial.org

Archive Access

cv19memorial is a platform for sharing and archiving stories of loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals or organizations may apply for access to the archive to further mobilize testimonies in forums such as: legal cases, legislative efforts, artistic endeavours, or academic research etc. Available data are provided to cv19memorial for (a) archive-only addition to the memorial, (b) anonymous but public addition to the memorial, and © completely public addition to the memorial. In all cases, we have permission to share anonymized data. Information provided will not contain individual identifiers. Submissions are provided by those who lost someone to COVID-19, those who survived it, those who provide care, those who have lost their source of income as a result of the pandemic, and by those experiencing other forms of loss. The specific pieces of information in the archive include: testimony (narrative story), media uploads, death date, citizenship, country and city of residence, age, gender, ethnicity, and more (see PDF below for full list). We ask that you respect participants’ privacy and not attempt to identify anyone per the template data use agreement, which you may review below:

Cv19memorial Archive Accessform (pdf)
Form Flowchart (pdf)

Archive Access Application

Evaluation Criteria

Applications must:

Terms of Approval

Data access is granted for a period of six months from when the data is provided. If access to the data is needed for more than six months, a written request for access to the data for another six months is required and must be made prior to the original data access expiration date. Further extensions can be negotiated as needed.

Review of Proposals

Please allow up to two weeks for the cv19memorial team to review your application. Proposals are reviewed in the order they are received. Direct any questions about the application to info@cv19memorial.org.



There is no fee to access the data but we welcome donations to keep the memorial going.


Approval of a research project by cv19memorial via this form and provision of data does not carry with it an expectation of cv19memorial to participate in the execution of the project.


The applicant(s) must submit an electronic copy to cv19memorial of any and all reports, presentations, and publications based on the data prior to the time of publication/presentation. cv19memorial reserves the right to disseminate your findings on its website in a form compatible with any copyright agreement, if any. Under no circumstances may researchers share the data with anyone who has not been approved for access by cv19memorial.

Those interested in accessing the dataset should complete the application. Email info@cv19memorial.org with any questions.


Not In Your Language?

Our team is working to offer the memorial in multiple languages. If you want to help with translations, reach out!

Want to get involved?

We’re a small team volunteering to get this off the ground and appreciate your desire to get involved. Send us your areas of interest and skills you might be able to offer via the contact form below. and could use assistance especially those with knowledge of JavaScript (both front-end and server side) NoSQL and SQL, and or three.js.

Why is this for anyone and not just those who have passed?

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives; it is a shared grief. This is a space for acknowledging widespread loss and trauma, especially for those living under conditions of violence or injustice made deeper by COVID-19.


Further thoughts?

We value your input in how best to build this shared memorial as inclusive and thoughtful as possible.

Email info@cv19memorial.org with any feedback.


Terms & Conditions

cv19memorial was founded in April 2020 as a platform for people to share their experiences of loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our initiative is not for profit and is self-funded. Everyone involved in this project does so on a non-remunerated voluntary basis.

Should you desire for us to remove your testimony from the memorial or make it private, please let us know by sending an email to info@cv19memorial.org with the subject “Change Permissions” and include the testimony’s Unique ID that we provided when you submitted.

Privacy Policy (pdf)
Terms of Use (pdf)